Do You Use Detergent With OxiClean?

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Oxiclean is a stain fighter product that assists you in eliminating stubborn stains around your home such as your tiles and countertops, and laundry with boosters. But do you need to employ laundry detergent with OxiClean on your apparel? “Do You Use Detergent With OxiClean?”

Oh, yea! Oxiclean is meant to be utilized with other laundry detergents. This is because it will clean and become more efficient for removing stains on your laundry or any surface. When OxiClean is used with detergent, it will boost the detergent’s cleaning power. 

However, if you do not have detergent and you really need to get rid of any stain on your apparel or any surface, OxiClean can be utilized alone. But never add bleach, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide when utilizing OxiClean. 

How do you use detergent with OxiClean?

Having known that detergent can be utilized with OxiClean, it is important that you know the right way to use both cleaning products together. So, with the guide I’d provide below, you’d know when to incorporate your OxiClean into the laundering apparel. 

Here is how to utilize detergent with OxiClean:

Products needed

  • Laundry detergent (your preferred brand).
  • Oxiclean.
  • Water.


Step 1

Sort your apparel by their shades by putting white apparel together, and other apparel with other shades together. 

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Step 2

Fill up the water reservoir in your washing appliance with water. The water temperature will differ depending on the shade of clothing you want to wash. Utilize cold water for colored apparel and hot water for white apparel.

Step 3

Put half a scoop of your preferred detergent into the water in your washing appliance. 

Step 4

Then, add one spoon of OxiClean together with the detergent in the water. The two products will combine in the water.

Step 5

Add your dirty apparel to water in the washing appliance. Do not overfill the machine with your apparel, just add the clothes almost or halfway full to the appliance.

Step 6

Use the gentle or regular cycle on your washing appliance to wash the clothes. 

Note– Do not add any other cleaning or bleaching agent such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and so on. The OxiClean in the water will act as the stain fighter.

Step 7

Rinse your apparel at least twice after laundering, and use your dryer to dry the rinsed clothes. 

Can you use OxiClean as a detergent?

No, you cannot utilize OxiClean as a detergent. As aforementioned, OxiClean is meant to be employed with detergent for it to be more efficient. Oxiclean is a stain fighter, not germs or degreasing remover. 

So, it is just going to eradicate the unwanted smudges on your apparel and brighten the apparel, it won’t discard the bad odor nor kill the germs or viruses on the apparel like the laundry detergent would do. 

In addition, OxiClean has different cleaning products, including a laundry detergent that works for both cleansing and brightening. But regardless of the one you obtained, utilize it with a laundry detergent for more effectiveness. 

What should you not use with OxiClean?

Whilst you can utilize laundry soap with OxiClean, there are a few products you should not use with OxiClean. The usage of these items with OxiClean can produce an unwanted result on any surface or apparel it is used on. 

Here are the products you should not utilize with OxiClean:

  • Bleach.
  • White vinegar.
  • Laundry detergent made with bleach or vinegar.
  • Ammonia.


Bleach should not be utilized with OxiClean due to the chemical employed in the manufacturing of OxiClean. For more knowledge, I’d elaborate. Oxiclean was produced with sodium percarbonate (Na ₂H ₃CO ₆), and of course, it was made with other ingredients but Na ₂H ₃CO ₆ is the main. 

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Moving forward, when the major element (sodium percarbonate) combines with water, it disintegrates into two substances which are- hydrogen peroxide (3 H ₂O ₂) and sodium carbonate (2 Na ₂CO ₃). 

Sodium carbonate is the alkaline that lifts the stains, while hydrogen peroxide is the oxidizing agent that disintegrates and eliminates the stains. With these two substances, putting in bleach together with OxiClean will be very dangerous to utilize. 

The combination of both will result in a very dangerous fume that you should not breathe in, and if smelled, it can cause difficulty in breathing, nausea, and other health problems. 

White vinegar 

If you are familiar with white vinegar, you should know that white vinegar is a popular household cleaning agent that eliminates stains and in other cases, it acts as a bleaching agent. With these features of white vinegar, you should not (I mean never!) use OxiClean with white vinegar. 

As explained above, OxiClean disintegrates to hydrogen peroxide (3 H ₂O ₂) and sodium carbonate, if you combine hydrogen peroxide with vinegar, it will produce peracetic acid (CH₃CO₃H) that is very highly corrosive.

acid causes irritation to the lungs, eyes, nose, and other organs, so in a nutshell, do not use OxiClean and vinegar together. 

Laundry detergent with bleach or vinegar 

If your preferred laundry detergent contains bleach or vinegar, you do not need OxiClean and you shouldn’t use them together. Using them together can produce an unwanted result on your clothes or any surface you’d be using them on. 

It is either you make use of a normal detergent without bleach or vinegar with OxiClean, or you utilize the detergent with bleach or vinegar alone. Keep in mind that, the detergent with bleach or vinegar would act as a stain eliminator and germs killer, whilst making your apparel smell fresh and appear neat.


Ammonia is a caustic substance that shouldn’t be used on apparel, likewise with OxiClean. When a powerful oxidant is mixed with another strong oxidant with alkaline, the solution will become too dangerous to utilize. 

You should avoid the use of both together even if you have to eliminate a stain on any surface. Either utilize ammonia alone or you utilize OxiClean alone, not the both together. 

Bottom line- do not utilize OxiClean with other substances (cleaning agents), except your laundry detergent.


Can you put OxiClean directly on clothes?

Yes, you can put OxiClean directly on clothes. But the proper way to utilize the OxiClean to eliminate smudges on your clothes is by putting them in water before incorporating them into it. 

If you just want to deal with the stains on your clothes, you can put the spray OxiClean or detergent OxiClean directly on the smudge and leave it for some minutes before washing it off. 

However, the OxiClean shouldn’t exceed 6 hours on the cloth or it will damage the cloth. So, ensure you wash away the OxiClean on the stain on or before 6 hours of use. 

Will OxiClean ruin colored clothes?

No, OxiClean will not ruin colored clothes. Oxiclean products, especially the versatile OxiClean stain eliminator, were formulated to be color-safe. This implies that it won’t harm any colored clothes if utilized on them. However, OxiClean shouldn’t be used on apparel that is not indelible. 

If utilized on indelible colored apparel, it will wash out the colors on the cloth. So, it is important that you test the colorfastness of apparel before utilizing OxiClean on it. And you can do this by trying the OxiClean on an invisible area on the apparel. 

Is OxiClean toxic?

No, OxiClean is not lethal when utilized on apparel, but it is toxic when swallowed. Oxiclean is made with a powerful ingredient that breaks down into two strong substances- hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate, also known as baking soda, and can be hazardous when swallowed. 

 For this reason, you should not put the OxiClean in the kitchen or anywhere your toddler can reach, so it won’t be mistaken for food. You should also not put the OxiClean in your eyes or nose as it can cause irritation to those parts of the body. 

Does OxiClean bleach clothes?

Oh, yea! Oxiclean bleach apparel when utilized on them wrongly. The OxiClean disintegrates into powerful chemicals when put into water, for this means that if your apparel is not indelible, it will bleach it. 

But for apparel that is colorfast, OxiClean will not bleach them, rather it will eliminate any stain found on the apparel. In addition to that, OxiClean can bleach a fabric if you utilize more than the actual amount.

So, it is important that you go through the instructions on the pack to know the appropriate amount of OxiClean that should be utilized on your apparel. 

Conclusion- Do You Use Detergent With OxiClean?

The only cleaning product that is advisable to utilize with OxiClean is laundry detergent. Although the laundry detergent must be without bleach or vinegar, so you should read the ingredients added to the detergent you decide to use with OxiClean. 

Also, to avoid any damage to your clothes, you should know how to utilize OxiClean with detergent properly.

With the instructions provided in this blog post, you won’t have any damage on your clothes provided that you heed the instructions. Plus, you should also note the other cleaning agents you should never use with OxiClean. 

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