Can You Take Dyson Cordless On A Plane?

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Dyson is a British technology corporation that layouts and trades household accessories such as vacuum purifiers, hand dryers, and hair dryers. The firm is best known for its innovative vacuum cleaners, which are among the most prominent on the market.

 However, many folks are unsure if they are entitled to carry them on an aircraft. So, in this blog post, there will be details about traveling with the Dyson cordless vacuum on a plane. “Can You Take Dyson Cordless On A Plane?”

The brief answer is that you can take a Dyson cordless vacuum on an airliner, but there are a few restrictions and things to keep in mind when doing so. Dyson cordless vacuums are powerful and convenient, but they do have lithium-ion batteries that must be carefully contemplated when traveling.

While the vacuum itself is not deemed a dangerous good, the lithium-ion batteries that stabilize the vacuum are accountable to different statutes and ordinances.

The TSA (transportation security administration) has principles guiding the carriage of gadgets or machines using lithium-ion batteries in screened bags. When placed in screened suitcases, they can result in a fire outbreak if mishandled. 

However, you are only authorized to put this category of gadget in your carryall suitcase, which applies to your Dyson cordless vacuum. Moving forward, I would advise that you do the following when traveling with your Dyson cordless vacuum.

  • First, be sure to reach out to the airline to observe if there are any size or weight restrictions for carryall baggage. You may be required to examine your Dyson cordless vacuum at the gate. 
  • Next, the lithium-ion batteries in your Dyson cordless vacuum must be discarded before you can board the aircraft. This is to acknowledge the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) statutes. Discard the battery, wrap it in a Ziploc bag, and settle it in your personal item. 
  • Thirdly, after eliminating the battery, put the main part of the Dyson cordless in your carryall. 
  • Don’t forget to declare your Dyson cordless to security, so they can be aware of what you have in your suitcase and not something else. 

Can I check in or carry any Dyson products on board with lithium-ion batteries?

Simply put, yes! You are authorized to check in or hold any Dyson merchandise such as a cordless vacuum, hair dryer, or hair straightener that you purchased on board. 

However, it is only if they adhere to the dangerous item rules. As aforesaid, the TSA gave rules regarding gadgets with lithium-ion batteries.

Seeing that the Dyson developments are powerful and created to cause no harm, but since they are operating with the use of lithium-ion batteries, you have to make inquiries from the airline you are journeying with. 

Dyson products with lithium-ion batteries cannot be held up in screened bags but can be authorized in carry-on cargo in some conditions. The conditions are: the Dyson commodities must be put off and the battery must be discarded and stored in a plastic Ziploc bag.

Can I take my Dyson hairdryer on a plane?

The response is yes! You can carry your Dyson hairdryer with you on an airliner. Basically, there is no law made by the TSA or FAA that forbids the carriage of hairdryers in both screened or carry-on luggage. 

To prevent you from going to spend extra money on hair products like hair dryers, feel free to load your hairdryer in your suitcase – whichever you prefer either carry-on or checked.

Moving forward, packing your hairdryer in your big screened bag is preferable, so you can rest assured that the hairdryer is well kept. I’d also advise that you pack the Dyson hairdryer in its box or any box that it fits in before putting it in your baggage. 


Can you take a vacuum on a plane?

Absolutely, yea! You can take your vacuum either cordless or corded vacuums with you on an aircraft. Since there are numerous vacuums that have been developed with various artillery – NiMH (nickel-metal hydride batteries) and lithium-ion batteries, the conveyance of these vacuums will differ.

The TSA has ordinances for commodities that employ lithium-ion batteries but doesn’t have for machines that use nickel-metal hydride artillery. You can’t put the lithium-ion item in screened bags only in a carryall, however, we are not so sure about NiMH items.

Nevertheless, science confirms that nickel-metal hydride artilleries are not liable to cause the same problem that lithium-ion batteries will cause. But to be on the safer side, putting your vacuum – regardless of the kind of battery it employs, in your carry-on bag is best.

I would like you to prepare ahead for further examination of your suitcase due to the vacuum you loaded in it. The x-ray is bound to see it as something suspicious. This is why it is advisable that you inform security about the vacuum in your bag before the screening. 

What can I not take on a plane carry-on?

When you are aware of the things that are authorized in your carry-on baggage, you’d be free from any TSA issues when you get to the terminal. Nevertheless, it has been noticed that a lot of folks are often perplexed with the TSA or FAA statutes, and they are not confident that they are abiding by their rules perfectly. 

Thus, in this segment, I will share with you the things you should not put in your carry-on or personal item. 

Sports items 

All sports items are restricted from being packed in carry-on luggage because they can be utilized as a missile. The sports items that are prohibited are as follows: golf, pool cues, baseball or tennis bats, ski poles, and so on. 

However, you can safely pack your skateboards and rollerblades in your carry-on, but you need to inform them about the availability of these items in your hand luggage. 

Self-protection objects 

We all understand that there are different people with different intentions on the plane, and people would love to protect themselves if anything goes left. However, self-protection objects are not permitted to be packed in your carry-on.

These objects include bludgeon, aerosol spray, and so on. Though you can’t put them in your carry-on, they are allowed in checked bags. Whatever self-protection objects like aerosol spray you are packing in your checked luggage must not be able to discharge accidentally. 

Fireworks and ammunition 

Never at all should you think of loading fireworks and ammunition in your carryall or scanned bags. These items have the potential to result in damage, so you should rule them out of the items you want to travel with. 

Razors also are not enabled to be loaded in a carryall. The TSA would scan your bags, and if any of these items are seen in your bags, you’d be asked to take them out.


There are statutes heeding the quantity of fluid that is authorized to be loaded in your carryall. This is why fluids are advised to be carried in scanned bags. 

However, the fluids include water, sodas, honey, soup, cosmetics, lotions, deodorants, pastes, gels, and many more. If you insist on taking the liquid in your carry-on bag, kindly take note of the following instructions.

  • The fluid must not be more than 100ml.
  • It must be loaded in one plastic satchel which measures 20 cm × 20 can.
  • The satchel must stay comfortably in your carryall.
  • You must not bind it at the upper part. 

Stock and nutrition powders 

Kindly avoid putting stock or nutrition powder in your hand baggage. Why? When your hand luggage bag is being screened, the nutriment and powder would obstruct the screening, and result in further screening. 

Thus, it is best to put these items in a checked bag. Putting them in your checked bags will stop any form of delay. 

What can you take on a plane in your carry-on?

I will share with you the stuff you can take on an aircraft in your carry-on baggage.


You can pack your small and large gadgets in your bags. However, the screening of these electronics will differ. For instance, small gadgets such as your phones and tabs do not have to be pulled out of your carryall for analysis. 

But if you are taking big electronics like your laptop, game console, etc, you will have to bring them out. 

Medical objects and prescribed drugs 

All medical objects such as first aid boxes, test kits, and all, and prescribed drugs are authorized to be loaded in your carryall baggage.

However, you must ensure that all these commodities are listed out to the security with proof to avoid questioning. 

Conclusion- Can You Take Dyson Cordless On A Plane?

Dyson cordless is authorized to be carried on an aircraft, but in your carry-on not screened suitcases. This is because they function with the use of lithium-ion artillery. 

Moving forward, it is important that you inform your airline before loading it in your baggage. Contact them to know if they are enabled, and also ensure you inform the security that will screen your bag about the vacuum. 

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