Can I Clean My Mac Screen With Clorox Wipes? Check Here!

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Regardless of the model of Mac you own, be it a Mac PC or laptop, the screen could get dirty. Wiping the tiny bit of dust you sight on it should be a major concern to curb any buildup that will distort the visual splendor of your device.

Most especially, fingertip imprints are unavoidable even if your Mac screen device is not a touchscreen. 

Nevertheless, the precise strategy and proper product to employ for the cleaning of your Mac screen device are vital, but not everyone is familiar with it.

There is a huge debate on the internet about the employing of Clorox wipes to clear the Mac screen which I’d discuss in this blog post. Let’s get right into it. “Can I Clean My Mac Screen With Clorox Wipes?”

Yes, you can wipe your Mac screen with Clorox wipes. Apple is aware that the need to clean the Macbook screen will arise, so for years, they proposed the usage of a lint-free moist cloth to clean the devices.

This is because the employing of disinfecting wipes was said to distort the device’s screen oil repellent coating. 

But in 2020, during the pandemic outbreak, Apple altered its tune about the damage caused by disinfecting wipes and stated in their support document that 70% of isopropyl alcohol or Clorox wipes can be utilized to wipe the Macbook screen. 

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However, you need to clean it carefully with the wipes and it shouldn’t be wielded often to avert damage. Clorox wipes can be manipulated to clean the keyboard, screen, and other outer veneers on the Mac gadget you own. 

In addition, resist the usage of bleach, tissue, and paper towel to wipe the Mac gadget. Also, do not submerge your apple gadget into any fluid whereby the liquid will penetrate the alcoves and result in inward damage to the device. 

What should I use to clean my MacBook?

Cleaning your Macbook device should be a major concern for you as a user, to continuously appreciate the benefits of the gadget for a long period. As aforesaid, cleaning with the exact product and precise way is vital. So, I’d share the appropriate tips- as recommended by Apple, of the things to use when cleaning your Macbook. 

Here are the tips you should know when cleaning your Macbook:


  • The cleaning tips are applicable for other apple products, including peripheral devices.

Cleaning tips 

Tip 1

Disconnect all exterior gadgets, cords, and power sources. 

Tip 2

Do not clean your Macbook display, keyboard, and other portions excessively to deter damage. 

Tip 3

Resist the usage of abrasive towels, tissues, clothes, and other items. Rather employ a fluffy and lint-free cloth. 

Tip 4

Avoid spritzing cleaning products directly into your Mac or on the screen. 

Tip 5

Do not employ harsh cleaning spray, bleach, acetone, window cleaners,  and any aerosol spray. 

Tip 6

Avoid allowing liquids into your Mac openings. If liquids should go into the gadget’s opening, it can damage the device internally. 

Tip 7

Take away any form of fluids from your Macbook. For other Apple products, liquids can be wielded only if noted for the apple edition.

Tip 8

Employ Clorox wipes, 75% of ethyl alcohol wipe, and 70% of isopropyl alcohol to clean your Macbook screen and other exterior parts of the device. 

How do I clean my MacBook screen? 

The Macbook screen needs to be cleaned for a clearer view, but doing it the right way is important. Having known the right products to use and the items you shouldn’t use when cleaning your Macbook and apple products, I’d share with you the steps you need to clean the screen below. 

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Below are the steps needed to clean your Macbook screen:

Step 1

Disconnect your Macbook gadget 

If your Macbook is on, turn it off and unplug whatever device that is connected to it. 

Step 2

Employ a dry cloth

Carefully wipe the Mac screen with a dry cloth. Using a small circular motion all through the screen to clean the dirt. Doing this will clean all the dust, imprints, and filthy grime on the display.

Step 3

Wipe the screen with a moist cloth or towel

If your Mac screen is still dirty with dust and imprints, dampen the microfiber towel or cloth. Put a little water into a spray bottle, then fold your towel or cloth into a square shape, and spritz the cloth with water. Employ a moist cloth to clean the screen. 

Do not spritz the water on the screen directly. If you don’t have a spray bottle, use your hand to sprinkle water on the cloth till it is a little moist. After cleaning the screen, employ a dry cloth to clean and dry the Mac screen. 

Step 4

Employ Clorox wipes or ethyl alcohol wipes 

After cleaning, disinfecting is next but it shouldn’t be done often. In fact, it is totally optional. If it is done often, it can damage the screen’s coating. Employ the Clorox wipes to clean your Macbook screen to disinfect it. 

Also, ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol should be spritzed on a cloth before it can be utilized to clean your screen. Never spritz the alcohol directly on your Mac screen. 

Is it okay to use disinfecting wipes to clean my Apple product?

Of course, it is totally okay to use sterilizing wipes to clean your Apple products. Though the use of sanitizing wipes was said to always distort the oleophobic coating of the Apple device’s screen, ever since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, the cleaning advice for all apple products was changed. 

Now, the use of sanitizing wipes such as Clorox wipes, ethyl alcohol wipes, and isopropyl alcohol can be utilized to clean any Apple gadget. However, cleaning them aggressively should be avoided, rather it should be done gently. 

Cleaning products like window cleaner, acetone, bleach, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide should be avoided. Also, do not immerse your apple gadget into any cleaning agent or moisture, even if it is waterproof. 


Is it safe to clean a Macbook Pro with wet wipes?

It is safe to clean your Macbook Pro with wet wipes. But smart? It is not. Using wet wipes to clean your Macbook Pro keyboard and other surface areas is totally okay, when it is used on the screen, it will streak and smear it.

Rather than employing wet wipes, wield eyeglass cleaner, fluffy and lint-free microfiber towel, or alcohol. 

You would want to make sure you utilize a spray bottle and spritz the alcohol or water on your towel and not directly on the screen. To be more on the safer side, never employ any cleaning agent on any of the cable spaces. Use compression air for those places, blow it out or buy a can of compressed air. 

What is the best way to clean a Mac screen?

The best way to clean a Mac screen is by utilizing a dry and fluffy microfiber towel to gently wipe the dust and grime. If the grime or fingertip imprints still remain, then you can proceed to add a little bit of water to the towel before using it to clean the screen again. 

Furthermore, if the Mac device is used often, you will need to sterilize it from any germs or viruses. To do this, using Clorox wipes, ethyl alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol is recommended. Though the need to disinfect is important, it shouldn’t be done too often.

The coating of the screen could be damaged if the use of alcohol or Clorox wipes is too frequent. 

Are Clorox wipes safe for electronics?

Oh yea, Clorox wipes are safe to be employed on electronics. For instance, Clorox wipes can be wielded to wipe and sterilize your watch surface.

However, it shouldn’t be employed on the watch strap. The material utilized to make watch straps differs, so the use of Clorox wipes cannot be advised. For other electronics that are made with glass, you can employ Clorox wipes to clean and sterilize them. 

If you are not sure of what your electronics are made of, kindly reach out to the manufacturer or customer care service of the electronics brand to know the material used and the best way to clean it.

To save yourself from waiting for a response, you can read through the manual or the electronics description on the website. 

Conclusion- Can I Clean My Mac Screen With Clorox Wipes?

Your Mac screen can be cleaned with Clorox wipes or other alcohol, but shouldn’t be used too frequently. The part whereby alcohol can damage the coating of your device’s screen still stands, although it is only when it is employed often. 

The right steps and products are needed to clean your Macbook screen and Apple device, so I have shared with you the steps and tips you need in cleaning your Mac screen and Apple products in this blog post.

Much more information to help you maintain your Apple gadgets for long-term use has been discussed. 

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