5 Best Steam Mop For Bamboo Floors In 2021 (Reviews)

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Using a steam mop in your home is one of the perquisites of maintaining bamboo floors. Nothing works best in taking out dirt and dust from your bamboo floors than a steam mop.

They are unarguably one of the best mops for cleaning and maintaining such kinds of floors. But as splendid and effective as they are, you’ve got to be cautious of the kind of steam mop you’re purchasing for your bamboo floors.

This is to say we’ve got steam mop in the market that are of substandard qualities and that won’t work half of what the standard steam mops would.

As such, I’ll be talking about the best mop for bamboo floors in this article. I’m highly interested in sharing the best steam mop with you because I installed bamboo flooring in my home and I’ve been enjoying it for a while now through the help of the steam mop I got for it.

This steam mop has done more good than the majority of the steam mops we’ve got out there. It’s durable, effective, reliable and most importantly, it got a top-notch quality.

For the past year, the steam mop has kept my floor clean and sparkling. Just one use for the day, the bamboo floor never remains the same. The appearance is eye-catching bringing out the true beauty of your bamboo floor.

The question you would be asking inwardly would be, “what steam mop is that”?. Well, the steam mop I have been rumbling about is Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D) Steam Mop It doesn’t matter what kind of bamboo you have installed, it will meet its expectations and carryout an awesome job for your floors.

*Shark Genius steam mop* is suitable for hardwood floors and other wood floors as well. This brand’s steam mop has saved me the stress of using the wrong mops for my floor.

However, there are tons of steam mop by other brands but am recommending this particular steam mop by reason that it has proved productive to me over the year. And I would want you to get it as well so you get to enjoy the benefits that I have been enjoying for a long time now.

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At the time I recently installed my steam mop, I didn’t know the exact steam mop to use on my bamboo floor. Went online and checked some out but they didn’t strike me cause they didn’t have the features I was looking at for.

When I was on the verge of giving up and settling for a lower quality steam mop, I came across this mop on a popular online marketing company called Amazon. I was wowed by its beauty and proceeded instantly to check out the reviews.

Just so you know, customer reviews are your best bet to getting the true potential of a product or item. Knowing that those with wood floors were giving good reviews and asking people to purchase it, pushed me to get it. And since then, I’ve never had any regrets or issues with this steam mop.

If you wish to check out the reviews on amazon regarding this *Shark genius hard floor cleaning system steam mop*, then kindly click here to catapult you to some of the product reviews dropped by others, and trust me, you’ll be wowed like I was a year ago.

The importance of reviews can not be overemphasized. They’re either going to let you know if you should ever give the product or item a shot or if you shouldn’t. That’s why I want you to go through them so you can see for yourself. ( Read Also: How To Clean Bamboo Floors Mop With Steps)

Best Steam Mop For Bamboo Floors – Reviews

1. Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Steam Mop

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This steam mop is indeed a genius just like the name depicts. It is one unique mop that you wouldn’t have issues with because they’re produced with great materials leading to its life span. What are some of the things you get to enjoy from using the Shark Genius steam mop? Let’s go over them

  • It works marvellously well on bamboo floors
  • It is great for all types of bamboo floors and even down to wood floors
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It brings out a glowing look on the bamboo floor
  • It is strong and durable to serve you for as long as you want it to be provided you care for it
  • The quality of the steam mop is topnotch
  • Though less expensive but can do effective work on your bamboo floor
  • It is safe to be used on wood floors
  • It rejuvenates the floors and not ruin them in any way.
  • It is light weighted and can be moved around with ease. Lovely right? It sure is.
  • You can use the steam mop as often as you want. It’ll never fail nor disappoint you.
  • No discolouration. It retains the same colour and shines as it was when it was first purchased.

Let’s take some look into its features


1. Double-Sided Dirt Grip Washable Pads

Rather than letting it store dirt on and on, the steam mop is built with double pads that can be washed when the need for it to be washed arises.

So while you keep on steaming your bamboo floor, you get to wash the dirt off the mop after a while. I have seen a couple of steam mops that lack these specific features hence, you sure need to check this out and give your bamboo floor the best look it should have always.

2. Genius Head With Direct Steam Channeling

Here’s the good news. As you begin to mop the bamboo floor, the steam will start coming out directly from the steam mop while you go about doing the business of the day. Isn’t that adorable? The more reason why you should click on that link to check the steam mop out so you can enjoy it in your home.

3. Water Tank Capacity

Just once intake of water can go a long way in getting your bamboo floor clean and shiny. The steam mop contains water of about 220 millimetres.

Now, let’s go over to its pros and cons so you should be well informed about the steam mop you may want to purchase

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  • The shark genius steam mop does not damage the bamboo floor nor discolouring the floor in any way.
  • It takes away dirt, grease, and bacteria that are found in households from the bamboo floors.
  • Once usage can keep the floor shiny for days.
  • It is one of the best steam mops ever produced
  • The steam mop pad is strong enough to absorb as much dirt and bacteria from the bamboo floor.
  • No foul residue coming from the steam mop when in use.
  • The shark genius is way easy to assemble.
  • The steam mop can also be easily cleaned.
  • It doesn’t just clean the surface but gives the bamboo floor a perfect cleaning.
  • You can easily move the steam mop around the floor.
  • The pads of the mop can be flipped over
  • It can be used on laminate floor and hardwood floor


  • It doesn’t stand on its own
  • Lacks a cleaning solution which you invariably have to purchase on your own.


If you’re getting worrisome regarding the cost, then you shouldn’t be. Though it may be less expensive for you or a bit expensive for you, you should be more concerned about what it’s offering to your floor. In a long time to come, you’ll keep thanking your stars for purchasing it.

Moreover, there are lots of vendors out there selling this steam mop in particular but I honestly don’t think they will deliver and be of a greater quality like the one seen on Amazon.

I’ve tried both and discovered that the one from Amazon is the best. Although, the one I got from an outside vendor lasted for a few months before it got spoilt completely. While the one from Amazon is what I have been using for a long time. Well, the difference is clear enough.

I’ve got family members and friends all over the world who have been using this magic steam mop through my recommendation.

I’ve never woken up to get a complaint from anyone one of them. They all love it so much. This is to tell you that this isn’t just an ordinary steam mop but a miracle worker. Wouldn’t you want to see the miracles wrought on your bamboo floors? Then kindly check it out.

Here is another steam mop you can check out too

2. BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop, Floor Steamer

Check Price On Amazon

Bissell is one adorable steam mop that does wonders for our bamboo floors as well. It does not only clean the floor to perfection, it improves the shine causing the bamboo to be extraordinarily cleaned from dirt and household germs or bacteria.

Regardless of how tough your bamboo floor maybe, the Bissell power fresh steam mop will work its way through the tough floor to get your bamboo looking it’s very best all day long.


1. Controller

Amazingly, the Bissell smart set has a controller or a control system that enables you to carry out a light cleaning and heavy cleaning if need be.

That means you’re in charge of your steam mop. What does your bamboo floor truly need? A mild or tedious cleaning? The Bissell steam mop will get you ready for all that.

2. Fragrance

Who else has gotten a steam mop that oozes out a not so pleasant smell when mopping? Most mop does not have any pleasant fragrance that emanates from the mop.

However, Bissell divers in all ramifications. While mopping, it gently emits a fragrance scent that fills the entire room giving you a breath of fresh air. This is one of the reasons why they stand out from the rest of the steam mop.

3. Water Tank

The Bissell comes with a water tank that can be easily refilled whenever the need arises or at the cause of mopping. So if you should fall short of water, you can get it refilled in minutes as you resume from where you’ve stopped.


  • The length of the cord attached to the steam mop is long enough to cover a wide range of place
  • It is used both for light and deep cleaning
  • It cleans even the edges and nooks of a bamboo floor
  • No harsh chemicals
  • The quality is topnotch


  • Not as durable as the shark genius steam mop

This steam mop tickles my fancy through its exquisite appearance. The Bissell power fresh steam mop is a great steam mop like the shark genius mop, but it lacks the double-sided pads inherent in the shark genius. Also, the capacity of the shark genius mop is larger than that of the Bissell steam mop.

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3. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multi-Functional Steam Mop Steamer for Cleaning

Check Price On Amazon

The second steam mop we’re to look at today is the Light and easy multifunctional steam mop. Presenting to you isn’t just a steam mop but something bigger.

There are 3 in one item that lets you enjoy your home to your satisfaction. This mop is one solid and quality mop that repairs and shines bamboo floors to your desire.


1. Smart Switch

You can abruptly seize working for a while to go about activities by gently proportioning the steam mop in an upright position so the steam stops for a bit. Then hastily carry out the activity and resume your mopping. Adorable right? Sure is.

2. Multipurpose

The steam mop is a multipurpose mop that can be used on bamboo floors as well as walls to remove stains found on them. The rest two items are used to take off stains in the kitchen, room walls that seem a bit tough to be removed.

3. Low And High Heat

It doesn’t matter what floor you’ve got installed in your home. The light and easy steam mop would take off any stain, dirt, or germs that may be found on your floor. Moreover, you can switch depending on how you want the floor to be cleaned.


  • The steam mop is multifunctional or multipurpose
  • It is produced with durable and quality materials
  • No difficulties doing usage
  • It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals
  • It is detachable


  • You can’t use a disposable pad with it

In all, the light and easy is one mop that everyone needs. Being that it is a multipurpose mop, it gives you more advantages.

But, it lacks double padding like the shark genius mop. Also, the shark genius is of a higher standard than this mop. Well, you can still give it a shot.

4. Hoover Complete Set Steam Mop with Removable Handheld Steamer

Check Price On Amazon

If I am to pick an adjective to describe this magnificent steam mop, I’ll be short of the best words to use for it. I certainly would fail to do that.

The hoover set isn’t for mopping of the bamboo floors alone, but the rest components can be used for various reasons for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and even down to our chairs. Here are some of its features.


1. Multipurpose

The steam mop is a 10 in 1 item. The producers saw that it would be appropriate to get other products that can be used for the entire home attached to the set.

So you’re not using just the steam mop on your bamboo floors alone. You get to use the rest items within the four walls of your home. This is indeed impressive.

2. Covers A Wider Range

As you clean, you find it tedious to get to some tight spots in your home. That is, you’re unable to use the steam mop in some crannies. This is why we’ve got mops like hoover complete set steam mop to do this for you. It sure covers a wide range.

3. Cleans 100%

If you’re contemplating if it’s going to work on bamboo floors that got messed up with a heavy stain, then I’d advise you to give up those thoughts. This steam mop cleans and gets your floor to look spotless throughout the entire day and the week.


  • One of the pros is that the steam mop can easily be maneuver while mopping
  • Coupling of the steam mop is very easy
  • Cleaning and maintaining of the mop is quite easy as well as usage
  • It is safe to be used on bamboo floors
  • No harsh chemicals


  • It doesn’t come with a funnel

In all, the hoover complete set sure gives a perfect and finishing look to your bamboo floors. An amazing steam mop it is, but when compared to the shark genius, the chemicals used don’t clean the bamboo floor better than that of shark genius.

5. Sanitaire Steam Mop

Check Price On Amazon

The last steam mop on the list is the Sanitaire steam mop which oozes simplicity and portability. Though it may look kinda small, however, it does mighty works on bamboo floors. Sanitaire steam mop is second to none.


1. Chemical Free

I’ve seen steak mops that cause more damages to bamboo and hardwood floors using the chemicals that were combined. This isn’t the case of Sanitaire mop. With water, you’re set to clean up your floors.

2. Digital Steam Control

Here’s a new development that is found in the majority of steam mops. They are manufactured with high, mid, and low control to depict the one needed most by the bamboo floor. You know, there are times you may want to do a little cleaning, so you get the mop and switch to low steam.

3. Chemical Free

Oh yes. No chemical, no discoloration, and no foul smell. All that is expected of you to do to keep your bamboo floors looking great at all times is to buy use water only. Then the steams from the water gets the job done as quickly as possible.


  • It has quality
  • It can easily be manoeuvred
  • It is easy to operate and to use
  • It doesn’t affect the bamboo floors
  • It is safe


  • No double padding
  • It is a bit expensive

I love this steam but unfortunately, shark genius remains my favourite pick being that it has everything you need in a steamer and I have been using it without a slight regret.

Best Steam Mop For Bamboo Floors – Buyer’s Guide

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Valuable
  • Long-lasting

1. Price

Steam mops are of different prices. While you may find some quite cheap, some may be on the high side.

Nonetheless, the steam mops to be reviewed below will be the very best out of numerous mops out there regardless of the price tag that is being attached to it. We’re simply here to ensure that you get mops that will transform the outlook of your bamboo floors.

2. Quality

The quality of the steam mop you intend purchasing matters a lot. This is because if the mop has a low quality, it won’t carry out its purpose effectively.

But if it happens to be of higher quality, it’ll reflect on your bamboo floors as they would shine seemingly. All products below are of standard quality.

3. Valuable

As humans, we don’t purchase items for the sole purpose of wanting to have them in our homes, but for what we stand to gain from what you’re purchasing. The steam mops are valuable in the sense that they will help protect and preserve your bamboo floor.

4. Long-Lasting

Would you want to get a steam mop that won’t serve you for a longer period? I sincerely don’t think so. No one wants to keep buying a specific product over and over again. As such, we’ve handpicked the best steam mop to last for a long time.

Best Steam Mop For Bamboo Floors – Conclusion

We have concluded the best steam mop for bamboo floors. Care, maintain and protect your floor with any of the steam mops that have been mentioned above. So click on the provided links to find out more about these awesome steam mops.

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