Are Clorox Wipes Safe For Babies? Find Out Here!

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Your surroundings should be kept sterile and free from germs, most especially if you have a baby. And the best and cheapest way to sterilize surroundings and surfaces filled with germs is by employing disinfecting wipes such as Clorox wipes.

But can they be employed for babies? “Are Clorox Wipes Safe For Babies?”

No, absolutely not! Clorox wipes are totally unsafe for babies. These wipes are made with chemicals that can be harmful to your kid’s skin, and the chemicals in them are what make them disinfecting wipes.

Even for adults, the chemicals in the Clorox wipes can burn the skin which is why an important instruction that says “Wash your hands after use” was printed on the pack of Clorox wipes. 

The Clorox wipe kills germs and is very strong- it causes irritation to the mouth and eyes. Would you want your baby to ingest harmful chemicals? If not, never let your baby chew on the wipes or use them on their eyes.

Likewise, it should not be used on their genitals, not anywhere close to their skin. If you need to clean your baby, use water, soap, and a paper towel. 

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Can Clorox wipes be used as baby wipes?

It is a big No! Clorox wipes shouldn’t be used as baby wipes- not on infant skin, likewise adults. The wipes contain some amount of chemicals and alcohol that makes them strong enough to kill germs and flu-causing viruses.

In any usage, even diluted chemicals or alcohol will cause burns on anyone’s skin, including a baby. 

If you are out of baby wipes, employ a cloth with soap and water. In fact, you can use the traditional method which is the use of a cloth with warm water.

Then, after use, wash the cloth to be used again. The traditional way was the norm for years before baby wipes were invented for convenience. Simply make your own wipes, rather than risk your baby’s skin by using Clorox wipes. 

For some babies, paper towels might be too harsh on their skin, as their skin is so delicate. Try it out on an eyeglass, if it scratches the lenses, it will do the same to your baby’s skin. Just ensure you are not using Clorox wipes as a substitute for baby wipes. 

Can I clean baby toys with Clorox wipes? 

Yes, why not. You can sterilize baby toys with Clorox wipes. Babies love toys a lot, and fortunately, they are designed in numerous shapes and shades. Over time, the toys could get dirty and infested with germs if not cleaned daily.

Since babies put toys in their mouths, keeping them germs-free is vital to prevent your baby from falling sick. 

There are quite a number of ways you can disinfect your baby toys, and one of them is the use of Clorox wipes. When you use the Clorox wipes to clean your baby’s toy, ensure you air dry it properly before giving it back to your baby. 

Aside from Clorox wipes, you can also make use of bleach. Bleach is very powerful and more effective than white vinegar, so it is mostly advised use when sterilizing any surface. However, due to how strong bleach is, you must dilute it with water before using it on your baby’s toy. 

Try mixing half a cup of bleach per gallon of water to make a solution. Soak your baby’s items for about five minutes, and then rinse thoroughly to ensure all the bleach is washed off. Allow the toys to fully air dry before use.

In addition, for toys with batteries, do not immerse them in water. Rather use the Clorox wipes to wipe the body of the toy and air dry. 

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What should you do if you accidentally use a Clorox wipe instead of a baby wipe?

Use a damp fluffy towel with only water to wipe your baby immediately if you accidentally make use of a Clorox wipe instead of baby wipes.

After cleaning the baby with a wet cloth, keep an eye for a rash. Or you can make use of milk on a towel to wipe the baby before you make use of ordinary water. Also, bathe the baby if need be and take her to a doctor. 

If you take your baby to a doctor, give a full explanation of how it happened so the baby can be treated. Due to this kind of accident, it is often advised that you keep Clorox wipes away from your baby’s items. 

You should never make the mistake of making use of a wipe with harmful chemicals on your baby’s skin. Their skins are super delicate and should be handled with care. 

Are Clorox wipes toxic to babies?

Oh, yea! Clorox wipes are super harmful to babies. As aforesaid, these wipes contain harmful chemicals that should never be employed on a baby’s skin.

Aside from being harmful to your baby’s skin, it can be more dangerous if your baby ingests it. 

The warning on the Clorox wipes package, says “AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES OR MOUTH”. It also says that “not for cleaning and sanitizing skin, and do not use as a diaper wipe or for personal cleaning”. All of these cautions should be heeded to avoid burns on your skin and your baby’s skin. 

If the Clorox wipes are ingested by your baby, it can result in gastrointestinal irritation that will require treatment. Also, if used on the eyes, it will irritate the eyes and lead to blurry vision. 

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to make or see your baby sick, so to avoid that, it is best to keep away the Clorox wipes out of your baby’s reach. That way, your baby won’t be able to play with it or even ingest it.

Which other wipes are not safe for babies?

Lysol is another disinfecting wipe that is similar to Clorox wipes, and should not be used for babies. Lysol contains the same, maybe a slight difference, amount of chemicals that are in Clorox. This implies that it also irritates the eyes, gastrointestinal, lungs, and skin.

Although when it comes to disinfecting your baby toys, Lysol can be used as well as Clorox, you must ensure it air dries before your baby picks it up. 

Moving forward, there are other non-toxic wipes that you can obtain that are specifically made for kids with the assurance that your baby’s skin won’t be harmed. These wipes should be obtained right from the very start, so you won’t be bothered about your baby getting sick due to ingestion of harmful wipes. 

These non-toxic wipes are formulated with less harmful chemicals which means that they can be used for both you and your baby.

These wipes are Babyganics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Wipes (Babyganics), WaterWipes Biodegradable Original Baby Wipes (water wipes), Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Free & Clear (seventh generation), Munchkin Arm & Hammer Pacifier Wipes (Munchkin), and many more. You can make use of these wipes for your pets, home items, and baby toys. 


Is it okay to clean with bleach around a newborn?

No, it is not okay to clean with bleach around a newborn. Bleach has a strong choking smell that should not be used around infants.

If you put a drop of bleach around, it can be easily inhaled into your lungs and that of your babys’. A newborn’s organs are still developing, so they shouldn’t inhale any harmful chemical like bleach that can result in difficulty in breathing for them. 

Likewise, bleach can irritate the eyes and skin, and a baby’s skin is so delicate and any slight drop or touch of this chemical on their skin can cause burns.

That being said, never clean your surroundings with bleach when you have a newborn around. Use other cleaning wipes that do not have a choking smell or cause irritation to the skin. 

Are alcohol wipes safe for baby toys?

Of course, alcohol wipes are safe for baby toys. As aforementioned, babies love toys and they put them in their mouths when playing with them.

So, you should make sure that these toys are sterilized and clean on a daily basis. One way to do that is by making use of alcohol-based wipes to clean them. 

Although after cleaning the toys with the alcohol wipes, you need to ensure that the toy air dries before giving it back to your baby. This way your baby won’t ingest the alcohol when he puts the toy in his mouth. 

Conclusion- Are Clorox Wipes Safe For Babies?

Simply put, no! Clorox isn’t safe for babies, especially on their skin. But can be used to clean their toys or your surroundings. Clorox wipes should never be mistaken for baby wipes whereby they will be used on your baby’s skin. 

The result can be drastic and you’d have to either treat a rash or take your baby to a pediatrician for more treatment for skin burn. So, try as much as possible to keep Clorox out of the reach of your babies. 

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